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Home Additions Add Value to Your Home, and Your Life

Do you find your home is becoming too small for your growing family?  Or are you simply wanting to make your dream of having a larger kitchener, master bedroom, or entertainment area a reality?  Whatever your motivation, working with RTC to add an addition to your home will add to the value of your home and your life.


A home addition is a major undertaking.  However, we pride ourselves in making what can be a daunting undertaking, enjoyable.  We do this with consistently clear and open line of communication between you and our team.  We are with you every step of the wa y, from addition design start to finish, and anywhere in between.  Whether it be your designation Project Manager, Site Supervisor, or our Client Services Manager, there is always someone there to talk with you and make you feel at ease and even ENJOY the addition process!

Why build a Home Addition with RTC?

Home additions are a major undertaking.  Robert Thompson Contracting combines years of experience, trusted trades, and quality materials with the type of care you can only recieve from a family run company like RTC.

Reasons To Consider a Home Addition

For most homeowners, an addition will be the single most expensive remodeling purchase that they ever make.  It’s also not to be taken lightly.  Home Additions can’t be undone – and this makes choosing the right team to meet your needs.  


Home Additions may replensish nearly all of the cost of a mid range addition to a two story home at the time of sale.  Keep in mind the state of the market when you sell will play a large role in this. 

A larger space means higher heating and cooling costs, more maintenance and increased property taxes.

Even though additions offer potential higher cost-value ratios than other renovation projects, you may still not recover the full cost of an addtion when you go to sell. 


When you look at ways to add space to your home, no other method comes close to a home addition.

Sun rooms are poor investments as future buyers will see them as liabilities to be torn down rather than quality living spaces.  If you’re prepared the to spend the money on a fully conditioned sun room, you are likely a candidate for an addition without even knowing it.

Finished Basements are viable spaces, but unless you have a daylight basement, they are darker and gloomier than their upstairs counterparts.  You also aren’t adding any area to the square footage of your home.

Room additions are mini house additions.  As the name suggests, they are an addition to only one room.  While they are the best cost-saving alternative to a full blown addition, they still come at a considerable financial cost an disruption of your privacy.

Remember that unless you are adding a second story, you will loser space in your yard that can never be recovered.  This may be a consideration if you have young children or animals that enjoy that space

Experessive and Personal

Even if you have an older home, a home addition is a space you can call your own.  It’s like designing a whole new house without the epensie of a new home purchase. Few remodeling projects are as thriling and creatively satisfying as working with the blank slate that addition-building affords you.  You have a blank slate – so get out your pencils (or mouse) and start planning!

This control can be a daunting task, but at Robert Thompson Contracting we are here to help you with the progress from start to finish.  There are going to be challenges along the way, and your privacy is going to be compromised, so working with a contractor that you feel respects you, your home, and your family paramount.

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