3 House Addition Ideas to Extend Your Space

April 14, 2021
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People’s needs change over time, and if you find your home lacks the necessary space to cater to your growing family, then it may be the perfect opportunity to extend your abode. Some may need a new home office to fully embrace the new work from home set-up, while others may want a new bedroom to welcome an exciting addition to the family.

Whatever reason you have for needing more functional space, having more square footage is a thrilling project that marks the next chapter of your life at home. There are different ways to extend your home, and we’re here to focus on renovations that won’t break the bank! 

Tip #1: Turn Your Basement Into a Cozy and Practical Space

In most cases, homeowners already have the extra space they need right under their noses. Instead of digging deeper holes in your pockets by planning for a full home extension, you can save thousands of dollars by converting one of the most underutilized spots in houses: the basement!

When done right, the basement can be a spacious area where you can entertain your guests or use it as a productivity hub for work. It can even be a cozy guest room, one that exudes an industrial charm. Whatever your plans for this extra space, basement conversions can be a cost-effective solution to your needs. 

Tip #2: Turn Your Garage Into a Cool Entertainment Area 

Another room that can pack as much panache as it is a practical choice for your renovation plan includes a garage conversion. For families that don’t have plenty of cars, you can use this space to extend your living room for entertainment purposes! 

It’s a nifty idea that can become conversation starters for its unique approach, but the best part is that converting a garage into a functional living space won’t be too difficult. Since it already has a basic structure, you only need to change up some decorative aspects to turn this drabby area into a dazzling hang-out spot. 

Tip #3: Turn Your Attic Into a Study Room 

Attics are often regarded as dusty storage areas, one that is as underutilized as the basement. However, it can provide plenty of space for various needs — be it a library and study room for the family, or even a quaint bedroom for your teens. 

The attic is also an energy-efficient room since it’s well-insulated and often covered by trees, so you’ll only need to focus on playing around with different lighting systems to set the mood. Not to mention, hanging out in the attic offers a great view of the neighbourhood, allowing you to feel luxurious for less the price. 

The Bottom Line: Making Room for Growth, Hobbies, and Changes in Lifestyle at Home 

Once the chaos and clutter of your growing family start to cramp up your home, it’s time to think about potential spots in your space that you can convert. Fortunately, homes already have three overlooked rooms that offer more potential than meets the eye, and those are often the best ones to look at when considering home extension projects.

Why Choose RTC Renovations for Your Home’s Makeover? 

When you feel like you’ve outgrown your home and need more space to cater to new demands, then we’re the right home addition contractors in Ontario, Canada, to call! With over 15 years of professional home renovation experience, you can trust that we can fully commit to giving your space the fix-me-upper it deserves. 

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