4 Spring Renovation Ideas for Your Home Project in 2021

May 5, 2021

Spring has officially sprung, which means it’s about to warm up very soon. And while the snow is still thawing, it seems like the perfect time to be thinking about possible home projects to prepare for the summer. If you’ve got the budget and are willing to have the work done, then here are a few ideas that you should consider:

Renovation in Bloom: 4 Stunning Ideas for Home Projects in Spring

1. Update Your Flooring

If you’ve had carpeted floors for quite some time now, try changing things up now. Carpets can trap a lot more dirt and are less pet-friendly than other surfaces. Aesthetically, carpet is an outdated floor choice that isn’t versatile or pretty to look at. If you want a soft surface to step on, buy a rug and change your carpeted floors into something closer to this century.

Hardwood floors are definitely more chic and versatile—whether natural, stained, or painted.  Maple, Eucalyptus, Brazilian Cherry, and even reclaimed wood can elevate a room, even if it’s on the ground.

If you settle for tile, try 12-by-24 or 36-by-36 sizes to get an interesting look out of them. Tiles are definitely the easiest option to clean.

2. Driveway Touch Up

Once the driveway’s snow is all shovelled out and dry, it’s time to do some resurfacing. Driveways tend to crack in extreme weather, so don’t be surprised if you find some under the snow. Cracks and potholes are a hazard, so this project is both a want and need. Just wait until the sun is up or when it’s a bit warmer to complete this job.

3. Add a New Deck

A deck is a marvellous addition to a house that will both astound guests and bring joy. Decks are an area in your house where you can spend time outside, sit down, relax, unwind, and even host parties and dates. With the year 2021 filled with social distancing protocols and warnings to stay indoors, a deck would be a great addition for hosting a select few people.

The deck also doesn’t have to be just for everyone else. It can be a calm and quiet place for you to be alone, meditate, and exercise. 

4. Brighten Up the Windows

Bring in the natural light back into your home by either giving those windows a nice scrub and polish or replacing them. Making sure that your windows are clear and transparent enough will not only liven up the interior of your home but will also save you energy costs by bringing in light and sealing up holes that may be forcing your AC to work harder than it really should.


Spring is the season to switch things up and welcome new beginnings. While not many people consider doing these renovations early in the year, these snow-thawing months are actually the ideal time to get creative and prepare for a great indoor summer. These build tips can certainly help you get through another quarantine summer. 

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