A Guide to Any Major Remodeling Project in 6 Steps

April 7, 2021
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Buying a home is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. Whether you get a brand new house or an old one, having a place you can call yours can bring joy, security, and satisfaction. 

If you have bought a house that needs major repairs or remodelling, do not be discouraged. The good news is that you have the opportunity to turn your property into something great. If you plan to remodel your fixer-upper soon, follow this 6-step guide to ensure you do not miss anything important.

6 Steps to Remodel Your Fixer-Upper 

Step 1: List the Things For Repair

The first step is to make a thorough examination of the place. Make a list of the things that need to be done. The first thing on your list should be the items and areas around the house that should be repaired. More importantly, this is where you need to identify the things that you can repair rather than replace. 

Step 2: Identify Items and Areas That Need Replacing

The next section of your list should be problems that you cannot address with simple repairs instead of needing complete replacements or revamping. It is best to consult with a professional to know which parts of the house are still usable and need replacing during these steps.

Anything else that did not go into the ‘Okay’ list and the ‘To Repair’ list should automatically go to the ‘To Replace’ list. These are the parts that could bring potential problems, structural issues, or safety hazards. Consider letting go of the things on this list for you and your family’s safety and peace of mind.

This list will reveal the things that would require more labour and time. Besides estimating a portion of your budget, you could also anticipate how long it might take to complete your home renovation.

Step 3: Determine Your Budget

Next, you need to set your budget. Determining how much you are willing to allocate for your home renovation could help you in decision-making. Make sure that you set a realistic budget and stick to it. With a budget in mind, you would know what you can afford. 

Step 4: Look for Inspiration

This is the most fun step in the entire process. You go online and look for great house designs. One tip you can use is to define a purpose for every room and space around the house. This can help you identify what you need to look for. If you want a place where all family members can hang and relax, you can look at designs of relaxing lounges and apply these to your home.

Step 5: List Your Priorities

You need to make another list, but this time, a list of the things you need to prioritize. That way, you have an idea of where you should put your resources. As soon as you find a contractor, you can seek their expert guidance and revise the list accordingly, but having a list as a reference can help you make more thoughtful decisions.

Step 6: Find a Contractor 

The number one thing you want to ensure is that your contractor is reliable and trustworthy. Since fixer-uppers require careful eyes, experience, and knowledge, you need to ask your family and friends or refer to online feedback to find the best contractor in your area. After all, the right contractor will know how to make your dream home a reality.


Home renovations are not easy, but the result is worth it if you do things right. To make sure you do not get overwhelmed by all the things you need to accomplish, take the process step by step. Start with this guide and build your dream home.

Robert Thompson Contracting is the go-to contractor for major home renovations in Ontario. We have more than 15 years of professional experience renovating and remodelling houses in the area and provide unmatched customer service. Call us at +1 (519) 897 1561 to learn how we can help you.

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