How To Create an Additional Functional Space to Your Home

August 11, 2021
additional space in home

If you feel like your home is a little too cramped for your whole family or does not have enough room for other activities like some home gym, office, or even storage, perhaps it's time to consider adding another functional space. While it is possible to adjust some of your walls or transform your existing space into one of your desired functions, why not add another square footage instead? It can relatively provide you more advantages compared to reconfiguring your current space. 

If you have the budget, now’s the time to have some home additions! Comply with the city ordinance and building code, then try these recommendations for your functional space addition: 

1. Expand Your Main Floor

The first possible way to add a functional space to your home is by expanding your main floor. Your contractor must carefully plan the design to match the additional area with your existing home’s exterior. The side of the house where the addition will take place will depend on you, your contractor, or your village’s ordinance. Regardless of which side is allowed or preferred, you will have to demolish a portion of your existing exterior wall. Once some walls are removed, your contractor will frame the space and add a roof. With careful planning, they can blend the addition seamlessly to your existing exterior design, as nothing happened. After that, you can enjoy the additional space and make room for whatever purpose you like. 

2. Add a Second Floor

If your lot is not large enough and expanding your main floor will only make your backyard or front yard restricted, you can create another space upward by adding a second floor. This way, you can nearly double your main floor space because the area is not limited. When you have a whole new second-floor addition, you can even transfer some of the function room from your main floor so that you can also make the space look more extensive in that area. 

3. Consider a Bump-Out Addition

A bump-out is a minimal expansion, perfect if you don’t want to spend much and have limited space for an extension. It does not require any foundation work, making it an economical addition. You can have this if you only want an extra space in your kitchen, a breakfast nook on your front porch, or a sitting area in your master bedroom. 

4. Try Enclosing Your Back Patio

When you enclose your back patio, you’re adding year-round living space for your family without having to worry about the weather. It will be a perfect gathering spot or a sleeping porch. The function and designs of an enclosed patio are limitless, and it only requires less money for renovation. 


There are so many ways to add more functionality to your home. These recommendations are the perfect options if you are looking for ways to add more room. When you decide to have additional functional space in your home, you are not only adding space, but you are also increasing your home’s value. Simply put, adding space is also an ideal investment. Just make sure your additional design blends well with the original structure. That may require that you work with a professional contractor. 

RTC Renovations is a trusted home renovation company serving the Kitchener-Waterloo and Tri-Cities area! We have been providing major home additions and renovations for over 15 years. We are committed to giving you an exceptional home addition experience. Get in touch with us today! 

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