Creative Room Remodel Ideas for Your Bonus Room at Home

August 4, 2021
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Who’s not into bonuses? Anything free or extra that comes our way is always a welcome gift for us, be it wages, special promos and even rooms. Wait. Is there such thing as a bonus room?  So what exactly is a bonus room? You may even have one at home without you knowing it.

A bonus room is also referred to as a flex room. It is basically a free space within your home that has no function and does not pass the standards to be considered livable. Having a bonus room on your turf can be a good motivation to plan a home remodelling project to maximize the extra space you have and add functionality to your home.

If you do not have a clear picture in mind as to how to turn your bonus room into a livable functional area, consider the following creative bonus room remodelling ideas.

Home Offices

During these pandemic times, most of you are still working from home and have made a part of your bedroom a workspace since you lack space to set up one. As it may be comfortable initially, you will find it not ideal in the long run as you start to experience the disadvantages of a makeshift workspace.

Your bonus room can turn into a quiet and conducive workspace that will inspire you to be more productive. Given that the room has electrical outlets and lighting, you can set it up with an Ethernet connection to work without interruptions.

Home Gyms

One thing you surely missed during the lockdowns is hitting the gym for your daily grind. You may probably have your yoga mat and lay it anywhere around your house to work out during your free time. But your concentration may not be as much as when you are in a gym. In effect, you may be slightly inefficient with your exercises.

A home gym is an excellent addition to your house as you remodel your bonus room. You can paint the walls with colours that please you or help you set the mood to work it out. Gym floorings would be nice to have when you are setting up some equipment.

Entertainment Rooms

If you have a cave-like bonus room in your home, you have a fantastic opportunity to turn it into an entertainment room. With no windows and proper lighting, you won’t have to make much effort to remodel it into an entertainment area, as a dark-lit room is what constitutes a cozy entertainment room. You won’t have trouble setting up projector systems or big TV screens when you have this kind of bonus room. Cheer, laugh and cry it out loud as you chill in your entertainment room during downtime.

Laundry Rooms

It may not be as fancy as the above remodelling ideas to turn your bonus room into, but a laundry room is not a bad idea if your problem is a space to do the laundry. However, you need a considerably large bonus room to make a laundry room addition possible. Ideally, your bonus room should be at least 16 square feet to have enough space for the washer and dryer footprint, as well as some space for connections and electrical outlets.


Bonus rooms can turn out to be advantageous to homeowners as they give the option to design something different, comparable or the same as the rest of your home. You can always run to social media and search engines to have instant bonus room remodelling ideas that you’ll draw inspiration from and add to your lovely home.

There can be more exciting bonus room remodelling ideas that you’d surely love to know as you meet some home addition contractors that have a solid track of remodelling projects. Get in touch with RTC Renovations, one of the household names in the Kitchener-Waterloo and Tri-Cities area for home remodelling projects with more than 15 years in the industry.

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