6 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Renovating Your Home

April 28, 2021
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Have you been saving up to remodel your home? Do you want the outcome to be as perfect as how you originally envisioned? If you do, then you know that making mistakes is not an option. 

You can’t waste your hard-earned money just to remodel your home because it doesn’t pass your taste. Remodeling mistakes is an expensive waste of time and especially frustrating. Make sure you limit your mistakes by reading through the list. Here are six of the remodeling mistakes you should avoid on your next renovation. 

1. Don’t just measure once, do it twice or thrice

Getting accurate measurements for your remodeling is essential. This ensures your designs and features are perfect. If you think that measuring once is enough, think again. Do it twice or thrice just to be sure. 

Being impatient and hoping for the best is not the right attitude. Getting the right measurements will save you time, money, work, and stress. 

2. Don’t forget to get the permits

Permits are needed when remodeling your home. It ensures that workers and designers adhere to a high standard of quality and safety. However, the permits for kitchen or bathroom renovation depend on your situation and location. 

3. Avoid using cheap tape or glue

Using standard tape or glue is not an excellent cost-saving option for your kitchen or bathroom. Duct tape and glue are not safe and sturdy. You may end up with falling beams if you use these, so anything to do with the structure of your home needs strong tape, glue, or and other appropriate construction materials to do the job. 

4. Replace your old floor with new a new one

There are times when you can choose to leave your old floor down instead of replacing it, but this does not apply to every case. You may think that you can save a lot of money by doing this, but you are just delaying the expenses and allowing them to grow. If you don’t tear up your old floor, it will lead to uneven floors. There is also the possibility that your old floor will lift your new floor out of place. Eventually, you’ll rip everything up and do it again. Instead, rip out the old floor and replace it with a new one. Do it the right way on the first try. 

5. Don’t leave the wires hanging on the wall

There are times when you might see exposed wires hanging out of someone’s wall. It is never okay to leave them hanging instead of securing them. You should adequately cover wires to avoid potential harm. In this way, you can prevent mice, bugs, weather, and fire hazards. It’s also not aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

6. Don’t use standard outlets in any room with water

You should not use standard outlets in the bathroom or kitchen. These areas are surrounded by water, so there is a chance water may land on the outlet. You need a ground-fault circuit interrupter to cut off electricity if outlets are exposed to water. It will help you avoid fire in your home or potential grounding. Don’t play around with your safety when it comes to electricity, so follow the proper procedures. 

Final Thoughts

There are many common mistakes you should be aware of when it comes to renovating your home. Taking note of these will save you a lot of money and time. If you prefer to leave this job to the professionals, you can get in touch with one. 

We at RTC Renovations offer home renovation services to our clients. These remodeling services can be in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph, Ontario. Contact us today. 

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