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On Home Improvements: What to Expect From House Renovations

March, 16 Mar

Everybody wants to live in a home that gives comfort and offers protection. A home is your own safe space—it is where you are free from inhibitions and dangers from the outside. But, what if your home doesn’t make you happy anymore? 

As stated by Sarkinen Plumbing`s, your house is a big part of your life—literally and figuratively. You spend most of your time inside your home, so it’s essential that you feel comfortable and content. However, with time comes change. 

It may be you, or it may be the house; perhaps your preferences and needs are different from when you first bought the house, or maybe some parts of your house are starting to fall apart! Either way, it all points to one conclusion: it’s time for a home renovation.

Not as Seen on TV

There are multiple channels on television dedicated to house-related content, and there are even more shows that are all about home remodelling. You’ve probably watched some episodes yourself—a team assesses the house, breaks down some walls, applies a fresh coat of paint, and voila, the house looks better than when the homeowners first bought it! How easy and convenient that looks, doesn’t it? 

Television shows make home renovations look so simple—but in actuality, they’re not. There are a lot of complications and problems that happen behind the scenes and beyond the camera. Renovating your home isn’t going to be as smooth-sailing as those shows make it seem; it’s weeks, even months, of pouring concrete, loud drilling, and one or two mistakes!

Managing Your Expectations

So, you think you’re ready to upgrade your home—you have the budget, the concept, and the people for the job. However, even though you feel you have everything in place, some things may happen that you would not expect. 

It’s essential to have realistic expectations so you wouldn’t feel disheartened during the renovation process. Here are a few things to expect when it comes to renovating your home:

For Room Additions

Major home additions are more than replacing the floor tiles or upgrading the light fixtures—room additions are about extending your home’s square footage. With room additions, you build something from the ground up, creating something that didn’t exist before.

This is just like building a whole house, except on a smaller scale. Home additions are one of the most expensive house upgrades and could take six to twelve weeks to complete. 

Of course, there’s a possibility of things not going to plan, as there may be delays due to poor weather or insufficient supplies. Make sure to hire a competent home addition contractor that knows what course of action to take whenever a troubling situation arises.

For Major Home Renovations

The duration of your home renovation depends on how big the change will be. Major home renovations, like a complete kitchen renovation, could take around three to twelve weeks. If it involves upgrading every corner of your kitchen, such as replacing the countertop, appliances, and flooring, or changing the room’s layout altogether, then expect that it will take time.

If you have more than one room that will undergo major renovations, don’t get excited yet! Great work takes time—be patient and understand that to have a successful home renovation, you must trust the process.

For Minor Home Renovations

Minor renovations are simpler and are on a much smaller scale. If you plan to update your appliances ,get better accessories like knives listed here, or replace your roofing, it could take just a few days to two weeks to complete. Since they don’t require much work, they also take the shortest amount of time.


Renovating your home is a big project—you must have a sufficient budget, know your end goal, identify your limitations, and do some research. However, no matter how ready you might be, there are bound to be errors, miscalculations, and misunderstandings along the way.

Working with the right company is vital to the success of your home renovation. As long as you have someone with the skills and experience, you can rest assured that your home renovation will end in total success.

Are you having a difficult time looking for the right people for your home renovation project? Well, look no more—work with us at Robert Thompson Contracting! With over 15 years of professional home renovation experience, we’ve been a dedicated household name in the Kitchener-Waterloo and Tri-Cities area for home remodelling projects. Visit our website to learn more about our services!

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