How to Renovate Your Home to Help Promote Aging In Place

June 23, 2021
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As people grow older, the idea of “home” becomes more and more a priority to them. For older people, going out to the mall or seeing friends for a night on the town will not usually be on the top of their list of priorities. Most people above the age of 55 would much rather stay home rather than go out to have fun.

If you take a closer look, staying at home will make more sense for older people than what originally meets the eye. They are already familiar with the neighborhood, most likely have family and friends living close by, and will have enough conveniences at home to live comfortably and - more importantly - independently. 

How to Renovate Your Home to Help Promote Aging in Place

Aging at home often entails doing the necessary renovations to a home to make it safe and comfortable for elderly people who want to spend the rest of their retirement years inside their houses. Since elderly people may not have the full range of motion as younger people, making proper renovations and fixes to their homes will help them live a happy and independent life.

Renovation Ideas for Canadians 55 Years and Older

1 - Make Switches and Outlets More Reachable

Elderly people may not be able to bend and reach extremely low outlets or switches that are placed in high areas of the wall. Renovating the home to make these switches and outlets more accessible for them will make it much easier for them to plug in everyday appliances without trouble and without needing help from younger family members or neighbors. 

2 - Safer Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most complicated rooms to renovate because there are so many hazards in this essential room. Adding safety rails and replacing the tiles to textured and less slippery ones will be a great start. Also, adding a shower chair will help them have a safe bath.

3 - Flooring Renovation

Many senior citizens may be fall hazards, even if they are strong enough to still walk around on their own. This is why focusing on renovating uneven surfaces of the floor will greatly reduce the risk of having anyone fall over while getting from the kitchen to the living room.

4 - Features for Single-Level Living

Even though the house may have more than one floor, to maximize the safety of the premises, the home should be renovated and customized to encourage single-level living. The elderly person doesn’t have to be wheelchair bound before they decide to live on one main level of their home. Climbing stairs may take its toll on their knees and joints if they have to climb up and down stairs everyday. Moving the laundry room to the main floor, along with converting a guest bedroom to the would-be master bedroom will help them have everything they need on the ground floor level.


Many senior citizens may still want to do things on their own. It is a good idea for them to keep an active lifestyle, as long as they are still strong enough to move around on their own. Making the necessary changes and renovations to their homes will ensure that they can live a comfortable and safe life in their homes. 

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