6 Signs You Might Need to Do a Bathroom Renovation

July 28, 2021
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Life’s too short to settle. And that is why we often find areas in our lives that we want to improve. With the amount of time we spend in our homes, it only makes sense that we try to upgrade them to improve our quality of life. 

Whether we’re doing a whole home remodelling or just minor home renovations, it’s essential to look at what we have and see how we can make it better. Here are some signs it might be time to give our bathrooms a much-needed upgrade. 

1. Your Bathroom Is No Longer Functional

One of the main reasons people decide to renovate their bathroom is because the current setup is no longer working for them. Perhaps you find that your bathroom is too small to really move around, and you’d wish to create more space. Or maybe the layout just isn’t working for you, and you find it challenging to function properly in that space. If the way your bathroom is currently designed makes it difficult for you to use, it’s a good time as any to have it renovated. 

2. The Plumbing Is Old

If you moved into an old house, you might find problems with the plumbing. And sometimes, old plumbing could lead to leaks and rotting wood or mould. These can be bad for your home and weaken your bathroom’s structure. 

Look for any brown spots in the wall and ceilings, as these are often signs of water damage. Brittle wood and wood depressions could also be a bad sign. If you see any of these in your bathroom, you might need to do a bathroom renovation.

3. Your Family Has Grown

A few years ago, your bathroom might have been perfectly fine for your small family. However, if your family has grown since then, some major home additions might be needed.

With more people in the house, the bathroom could get pretty cramped. You’ll need more counter and storage space for everyone’s personal care products, and you’ll also need larger towel racks. You might also consider getting double sinks so that more than one person could brush their teeth at a time.

4. You Have Poor Lighting

Sufficient bathroom lighting is essential, especially if you choose to get ready in your bathroom every day. The bathrooms in older homes can be so poorly lit that the light doesn’t cover the entire space. And nobody wants to shower in the dark.

5. You Want to Become More Energy-Efficient

With the state of our world and the environment, it’s best to move towards more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions. One way you can conserve energy in your home is by decreasing your water consumption. 

To help conserve energy and lower your utility bills, you can swap out your toilet for a low-flow one and install energy-efficient showerheads.

6. The Design Is Outdated

Sometimes, you just need a change of scenery. If you’re tired of your bathroom’s current design, you can do some home renovations to give it a more contemporary look.

There’s a lot you can do to upgrade your bathroom’s design. You can do a simple change of colour or completely replace the tiles. You can even swap out some light fixtures and furniture to give it a whole new look.


Never settle for less. If your bathroom is no longer working for you, go ahead and make some home renovations. Expand the space if it feels too cramped, change the layout, update the old plumbing, improve the lighting, make it more energy-efficient, or just give it a new look. Whatever reason you have for renovating your bathroom, just make sure the result will work best for you and improve your quality of life.

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