6 Ways to Update Your Bathroom's Look When on a Budget

September 8, 2021
View of a spacious and elegant bathroom.
View of a spacious and elegant bathroom

An old and tired bathroom can be stressful instead of relaxing. If you find that you hate spending time in the bathroom, it may be time to give it a makeover. The problem is, you’re not sure you’re ready for any major home renovations right now, even if it’s only for your bathroom. 

Let’s admit it, a complete bathroom remodel can be a bit expensive and while that’s probably your ultimate goal, there are still some things you can do to breathe new life into your bathroom while you save up for a bathroom renovation. Here’s how you can update the look of your bathroom when you’re on a budget:

6 Ways to Update Your Bathroom’s Look

1. Replace Old Lighting 

You'll find that there are a lot of lighting fixtures that are quite affordable. You will certainly find some that suit the bathroom's aesthetics and your budget. Consider getting more dramatic lighting like a drop light or a chandelier, and steer clear of yellow bulbs or fluorescent lighting.

2. Get New Fixtures

One of the cheapest but easiest ways to update the look of your bathroom is by replacing the old and worn-out fixtures with new ones. You would be surprised by how big a difference a new showerhead and new faucets can make.

3. Buy Coordinated Accent Pieces

The littlest tweaks can make a huge impact. Even if you cannot repaint the walls or replace the tiles, you can give your bathroom a new colour palette by simply swapping out old accessories and decor for new ones. 

For instance, you can get a set of towels, towel holders, countertop organizers, and mirrors in coordinating colours. Or you can get bathroom mats and towels in similar patterns.

4. Update Your Bathroom Tiles

It would be amazing to have your entire bathroom retiled, but if that’s not a possibility yet, you can still do something to give your bathroom tiles a new look. You can resurface using spray paint or even just replace the grout to improve its appearance without denting your wallet. 

5. Replace the Shower Curtain

If your bathroom uses a shower curtain, that is something that you can replace every once in a while to change up the look of your bathroom. Just choose your shower curtain wisely because it takes up a large area of the bathroom visually so it can make or break its overall appeal.

6. Frame Your Mirror or Get a New One

Needless to say, a mirror is essential in every bathroom, but it doesn’t have to look too utilitarian. You can make your mirror stylish by getting an intricate frame for it. Alternatively, you can find some ornate mirrors that could easily be the focal point of your bathroom. Just make sure that it goes well with the other decorative items and the theme or style of the bathroom.


Home renovations, especially that of the bathroom, can be exciting but it does require some funds. It’s better to save up for it before you get a major one started so you can be sure that it will be finished and the result will be exactly as you dream of. In the meantime, you can follow the tips shared in this post to refresh the look of your bathroom while you save money for your big project.

And when you’re ready for a home remodeling project in Ontario, be it your bathroom, kitchen, or any room in your house, for that matter, count on RTC Renovations to do an incredible job of it for you. Contact our team today to get a quote!

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